How to apply

Please contact us by:

– e-mail:
– telephone us on 01603 621023
– write to us at Norwich Charitable Trusts, 1 Woolgate Court, St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4AP

You will be given an interview with a Grants Officer.

***************Important – Update due to COVID-19****************************

The grants officers will be working remotely until further notice, in order to assist your postal application and to prevent delays please ensure the following:

  • Please follow the check list carefully and return all items as requested, this may include the application form, privacy form and supporting documents.
  • Please ensure papers are clean, in the correct order and where possible folded only once as this will prevent administration delays. All soiled papers will be sanitised for 72 hours prior to them being actioned.
  • Please ensure the correct postage is applied, large envelopes will require large stamps which can be obtained from the post office who will be able to help if you are unsure, this  will also prevent unnecessary delays.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you require any assistance please contact us on

What to bring to the interview

You will need to bring evidence of all and each part of your income. This is usually in the form of letters about benefits, including Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, wage slips, etc. It is important to bring these papers with you otherwise a decision about your grant may be delayed.

How much are the grants?

Grant amounts vary according to the type of grant and other factors. The amounts  are as follows :

School Clothing

The amount of grant depends on the level of household income and the age of the child(ren). These amounts are as follows:

Income per week (£) Age of child (years)
4-10 11 and above
£450 or less £85 £140
Between £451 and £600 £65 £100

An additional £50 is paid for each child going to high school for the first time.

‘Foundation’ grants for school clothing

The following amounts are paid for each child in the family to a maximum of £375 per school term.

Income per week (£) Age of child (years)
4 7 10
£388 or less £39.00 £78.00 £145.00
Between £466 or less £37.50 £75.00 £140.00
Between £544 or less £36.00 £72.00 £135.00
Between £600 or less £33.00 £69.00 £130.00

Residential school trips

We will pay the cost of the approved school trip up to a maximum of £400 LESS a contribution by the parent(s) as shown below:

Income per week (£) Parents’ contribution (£)
               £388 or less £20.00
Between £466 or less £30.00
Between £544 or less £40.00
Between £600 or less £50.00

University maintenance

The grant  is £1,000 per year or £600 per year if the student is living at home during term time.

Personal tuition

According to the assessed fees, other costs and the Trustees’ discretion.

Specialist glasses

According to the cost of the prescription.

If I receive a grant, how will it be paid to me?

Payment is by voucher or cheque according to the type of grant.

Type of grant How the grant is paid
School clothing By vouchers in various amounts, sent to you. They may be exchanged for clothing at specified shops and schools in the Norwich area.
Residential school trips By cheque, directly to the School for the benefit of the named child
Fees for further education and vocational training By cheque, directly to the college in most cases for the benefit of the applicant
Maintenance for FE courses By cheque to the student
University maintenance By cheque to the student
Personal tuition in music, the arts & sport By cheque to the training body or on occasions to the applicant
Specialist glasses By cheque to the optician dispensing the glasses

Where and on what can spend my school clothing grant?

There are some limitations on what the Charity will pay for. We will not pay for fashion items; the grant is meant as a contribution to help with the essential requirements. If the grant does not meet the total cost, you may, of course, pay the extra to the shop or school from which you are buying the clothing.

How long are the vouchers valid? Who may use them?

The vouchers are valid for 6 months. The expiry date is printed on them as is the name of the beneficiary. Please be prepared to show some personal identification to the shop if they ask for it.

What do I do if my vouchers for school clothing are about to expire or have already expired?

In exceptional circumstances we may issue some replacement vouchers. Please contact us and explain the circumstances.

What if I have to exchange a voucher for goods which are worth less than the value of the voucher?

We try to avoid this happening by giving you vouchers with a variety of values so you can use them flexibility like bank notes of differing values. However, if you do have to do this and you risk losing a significant sum of money, please contact us and we will issue you with a new voucher for the sum remaining unspent. However, we cannot do this before the shop where you exchanged the voucher has sent us their claim for payment of your vouchers.

How can I check the progress of my application?

Usually this won’t be necessary as the Grants Officer will tell you at your interview the date on which the Trustees will decide. However, if you forget and it is very important for you to know, please contact us for the dates of the Trustees’ meetings – these are subject to change.

How will I know if I have been made a grant?

We will write to you at the address you gave us at your interview immediately after the Trustees make their decision. If you do not hear within a week of the date of the Trustees’ meeting, please contact us.

How often can I apply for a grant?

You may apply for each type of grant as follows:

School clothing Every 2 years or when a student is going to high school or the equivalent for the first time. (‘Foundation’ grants are paid annually with annual reviews)
Residential school trips For each trip
Fees for further education and vocational training To complete the course
University maintenance Annually to complete the course
Personal tuition in music, the arts & sport According to each training / education programme
Specialist glasses When prescribed

If I am not eligible, are there other places where I might get help?

We will tell you if you are not eligible for a grant and why this is. If you are not satisfied, you may discuss the matter with the Chief Executive, please go to the contacts page

If appropriate, we will also advise you of other charities to which you might apply.

Do you share information about my grants with them?

When you apply, we will ask you to give your written consent to us sharing information with other charities. This is to ensure that more than one charity does not make a grant to the same person for the same purpose. This helps us to make sure we use our limited funds to best effect.

Do you check on my attendance and progress on my course?

We do ask the people who run the course you are attending whether you are attending and making at least the minimum progress you and we would expect. Continuing payment of the grant we make to you depends on you ensuring this information is returned to us. We will send a simple questionnaire to the college or organisation that is running the course you are attending.

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