About Us

Anguish’s Educational Foundation is one of the 4 Registered Charities in the Norwich Charitable Trusts group of Charities. The Charity makes grants to individuals and to other charities for educational purposes.

Our Origins

The Charity is named after Thomas Anguish, who lived between 1536 and 1617. He was a merchant of the City of Norwich and Mayor in 1611 who left money in his will to set up this Charity.

Norwich Charitable Trusts, 1 Woolgate Court, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AP. Norwich Consolidated Charities, Anguish’s Educational Foundation and The Norwich Freemen’s Charity (Previously known as the Norwich Town Close Estates Charity) are part of the Norwich Charitable Trusts Group. These organisations are all registered charities. Registered Charity : 311288